Kikki Battle Strong journey

I meet this young lady several years ago at the gym and begin to have conversations about nutrition and different exercises. We started working out 🏋️‍♀️ together and one day she shared her journey up until that point of her life with me.I was surprised how well she was holding it together with all the things that she was going through. As our friendship grew I can realize that Nikki is battle tested and she is battle when I started the Battle Strong Together group I asked her if she would share her Battle Strong journey up to point in her life with the group. I pray that Nikki story will be a blessing for courage,inspiration and strength to all of us. BATTLE STRONG

Diagnosed with Type 1 Narcolepsy at the age of 20 and Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 25, I am left with no other choice than to #BattleStrong

Each day is a war. Every step forward is an opportunity for a flare up to deliver punishment. An opportunity to weaken the body my soul dwells in.

Multiple Sclerosis is complex and morbidly brutal. There are countless days where I am left paralyzed, vividly living in the realm that lurks behind my eyelids.

Yet, I still desire victory. I yearn for it. I fight for it. And although short lived, there are moments of triumph.

Right when things seemed to be all figured out, it knocks me down again and again. But I fight and after a while I am reminded of something that most people will unfortunately never realize. No matter how many times I am knocked down I am going to get up just one more time.

There are two choices in life, live quit and timid and go quietly into the great beyond or challenge yourself at every turn, tasting fear, pain, setbacks, sweet victory as well as bitter defeat.

My choice is simple.

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  • Randy Lee

    My God continue to bless you on your Battle Strong Journey.#BATTLE STRONG

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